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Jon's top tips to becoming an Inbox Hero

Email marketing is so easy to get going in, so many brands start out and send out the odd newsletter.
And then are a bit shocked when it doesn’t turn into results, engagement and ultimately sales.

Being an Inbox Hero simply means being one of the good guys.
Building relationships for the long-term, not for the quick buck.

About me

Jon May

Hi there, I'm Jon May, like the month, and I'm an email marketing specialist.

My 100% focus is on email marketing. Doing it for you and teaching you how to use it.

My background is in journalism and marketing, so I can write great copy and configure emails too!

I kept seeing terrible emails in my inbox. So I decided to help charities be the Inbox Heroes their customers deserve.

It's my personal mission to erradicate the 'newsletter blast' and replace it with updates readers want to see!

0117 369 0030

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November 13, 2019

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October 28, 2019

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October 25, 2019

7 Things Your Emails Need To Do This Black Friday

Save the date, the American trend that just won’t die Black Friday is back: Friday 29th November 2019.

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