I'm super keen to help ambitious businesses explore how to boost their email marketing.

Book: Send Better Emails (£14.99)

A great option if you're just starting out, or you know your emails could be improved.

From the blurb:
"This book will help clarify where you are on your email journey and give a roadmap of where you want to be and which areas you need to focus on.

You’ll learn how to:
✔ Plan and build a solid foundation for success
✔ Grow your list and welcoming new subscribers
✔ Convert your readers into lifelong customers

Through the lens of the fictitious company Poppy's Plants, we’ll explore different ways e-commerce and retail businesses can make the most of their emails.

From automations to strategy, whether you’re a business owner looking to start sending your first email, or you’re starting out in marketing and you’ve suddenly got to know about emails, Send Better Emails will give you the roadmap you need to succeed."

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Power Hour (£197)

If you need some help with your email marketing, or a hand with Mailchimp, the easiest way is to have a Power Hour.

This is where we can chat through your situation and I can recommend the things for you to focus on - and a few things you probably hadn't thought of before.

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Training Workshops (£497)

Need some help training up your marketing team? Whether generalist marketers or digital marketing apprentices, they're great at what they do. But if your team to succeed with email, it's best to get some help from an expert. Customised to your business setup and objectives.

My workshops come in different flavours:

  • Fundamentals of email marketing and automation for e-commerce businesses (2hrs, £497)
  • Email basics & getting the most of Mailchimp (2hrs, £497)
  • Fundamentals of email marketing and automation for subscription-based businesses (2hrs, £497)
  • 20% discount for charities

The workshops are designed as in-person workshops, but can be adapted for online. There are no limits to the numbers, but I'd suggest a maximum of eight to make sure everyone gets a chance to be involved.

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Email Audit (£997)

Have an external expert come in and see what could be improved.

I'll look at your email program as a whole and make recommendations on how to improve existing emails, as well as some ideas for great campaigns that have potential for your business.

It works like this:

  • Step 1: You give me access to your email platform as well as customer research, some background to your business and the main objective you have.
    That could be improving overall revenue sustainably, making emails more engaging or discovering new opportunities to convert readers.
  • Step 2: I'll look through it and we'll have a quick video chat just so we're all on the same page
  • Step 3: I'll comb through the email program and put together a report on my findings and recommendations, then package it up into a video presentation for you.
  • Step 4: We'll catch up a few days later to get your thoughts and talk through the recommendations in greater detail.

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My availability

I work full-time at the RAC as their Email Marketing Manager to their 13m customers, so I don't tend to work on big projects or those that will take some time. It wouldn't be fair on you and I can't commit to work full time for weeks. I have worked with lots of other talented email practitioners, so always happy to refer work to someone who will fit your needs.

You'll see the slots you can book tend to be in the evenings or weekends - but I can be flexible, just shoot me an email.